The New Hampshire Writers' Project is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to foster the literary arts community in the Granite State. They can be reached at

The Monadnock Writers' Group. Established in 1984 (Ann is a charter member), its primary purpose is to offer fellowship and support to professional writers and to those actively engaged in developing their writing skills. Contact them at

Smoky Quartz Quarterly Online Journal is a publication of the Monadnock Writers' Group. Submissions of poetry and prose are welcome. See the web site for guidelines:

Vermont College of Fine Arts, located in Montpelier, VT, has been long noted for the high caliber of its teaching staff. This two-year low residency program grants the MFA in Creative Writing as well as other degrees. Formerly associated with Norwich University, the school may be contacted at:

Louise Link Rath, Ann's cover artist, is a gifted and accomplished painter whose work has been exhibited through northern New England. She is known for her painterly landscapes and flowers. View her work at

The Zucchini Brothers, based in the Albany NY area, (one of them is Ann's son-in-law, Steve Bottino) present original music for kids, and are well known for their work in schools, theaters, and festivals throughout the country. They have a nationally syndicated radio show. You can reach them at

Electric Earth, a new concert series created in 2012 by flutist Laura Gilbert and violist Jonathan Bagg, presents chamber music concerts year-round in Southwestern New Hampshire. Contact them at

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